Havenaire ‘Holy Hell (Reprise)’ Official

Havenaire ‘Monsters’ (Official)

Prismatic Escalator Album promo

Jonas Reinhardt’s ‘Ganymede’ [Full-length film]

Bataille Solaire – Echelles Humaines

Looks Realistic – Where Does it Come From?

Pulse Emitter – Autumn Again

Bataille Solaire – Sauropodes & Acacias

Track from the upcoming Documentaires cassette on Constellation Tatsu
Video by Frank Oulette

Grapefruit – Wake me in time

Grapefruit, from the album “Stolen Highway” on Constellation Tatsu out August 2013


Video created by Crystal Dorval
Filmed by Ian Kinakin

Bataille Solaire “Mangrove”

Track from the upcoming cassette on Constellation Tatsu
Video by Jasper Baydala