Pleq / Quinn Walker – Shoreline Drones

Video by: Peter I. Chang
Music: Shoreline Drones
Album: Split by Pleq & Quinn Walker

Journey of Mind – Essential Oil

Video for the Journey of Mind – Oil Burner cassette out on Constellation Tatsu. At the center of the Iris, a liquid of such infinite blackness exists. A place where each idea forms a ripple; Where each idea grows and dies within the confines of an instant. Journey of Mind can take you there.

Seabat – Birth of the Codex / South Asian Real Estate Part 1 & 2

Excerpt from the Seabat – Crescent ParC DVD Seabat offers a glimpse through the keyhole at a glittering future world formed from a pastiche of clever, nostalgic samples and dreamy synth work. Illusions flow smoothly in your mind